Embedded strain sensor

Embedded strain sensor

The embedded Strain Sensor FBGS-01E is a strain sensor that is intended to become embedded into concrete structures in order to measure the strain variations between its anchoring points. The fiber is fixed inside a ruggedized housing and has a connector at both ends in order to make series configuration possible.


  • Detection of strain with sub-microstrain precision
  • Sensors can be placed in series hereby reducing the cabling to a minimum
  • Ruggedized housing that can be directly embedded into a concrete structure
  • Direct measurement of the strain, both tension as well as compression
  • The displacement can be derived from the distance between the anchoring points


The Embedded Strain Sensor FBGS-01E can be applied for the detection of strain changes in concrete structure to e.g. varying load conditions or crack and fissure formation. The sensor contains a certain amount of pre-tension in order to also monitor compression besides elongation. When temperature variations are expected, a temperature sensor is recommended for compensation purposes.

  •  Civil engineering structures
  •  Large concrete components


Strain resolution 0.25 με
Strain precision 0.5 με
Strain range -560 με to 560 με
Temperature range -20 °C to +60 °C
Housing material SS316
Housing dimensions Ø 35 mm x 142 mm
Distance between anchoring points 134 mm
Connector type FC/APC
Water tightness IP68

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