Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection system

The intrusion detection system PeriGuard is a security system based on fiber optic sensing technology and is designed for short and medium perimeter applications with up to 16 detection zones.

All zones operate autonomously; a sensing cable failure or an intruder on any zone will not affect the performance on any other zone. The PeriGuard GS intrusion detection system consists of two main components: the sensing cable and the reading unit.

This setup can be used as a buried, fence, wall or roof installation. Fiber optic sensing cables do not contain any metal parts and as a result they can not be detected when buried or embedded in the wall. The whole setup is passive and immune to EMI/RFI.

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We are expanding the portfolio of monitoring systems

As part of the continuous development of our services, we are expanding our product portfolio with two monitoring systems: VideoGuard and ObjectGuard.

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