Pressure Sensor FBGP-01

Pressure Sensor

The fiber optic Pressure Sensor FBGP-01 measures pressures ranging from 1 up to 150 bar. The head of the sensor is foreseen with a thread that allows connecting the sensor to pipelines, valves, vessels or to a porous stone so that the sensor can be used to measure ground water or sea water pressure. The sensor is equipped with an internal temperature sensor meant for temperature compensation.


  • Fiber optic pressure sensing within a range from 0 – 1 bar up to 0 – 150 bar
  • Watertight and ruggedized housing, applicable in harsh environments
  • Temperature compensation by means of an internal fiber optic temperature sensor
  • Optionally extendable with a porous stone to measure ground or sea water pressures
  • Providing integrated temperature compensationeffectively replacing two sensors in one cable design (cost saving)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Customizable measuring membrane
  • Multiple km signal integrity
  • Zero power
  • Long-term reliability
  • Large scale integration
  • Intrinsically safe design


The pressure sensor can be applied for flow control and liquid level measurements in reservoirs and all sorts of pipelines. It can also be applied to measure ground water and sea water pressures / levels using the
porous stones as accessory tool.

  • Water level monitoring:
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Pressure vessels and pipelines
  • Pore-water pressure


Pressure range 1/2.5/5/10/20/50/100/150 bar
Pressure accuracy (guaranteed) < 0.6 % FS (full scale range)
Pressure precision (guaranteed) < 0.35 % FS (full scale range)
Temperature compensation Integrated
Ingress Protection rating IP 68
Housing material Stainless steel SS316L
Operating temperature range -20 °C to + 60 °C

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202225. 4.

Invitation to SENSOR+TEST 2022

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