Compensation Temperature Sensor

Compensation Temperature Sensor

The fiber optic Compensation Temperature sensor FBGTC-01 is a sensitive, ruggedized outdoor temperature sensor based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology. This sensor can be used alone or in series as part of an FBG sensor array. The sensor itself is inside a metal tube and can be installed very easily. The sensor is suitable for a large range of applications and can be used for SHM monitoring to ensure temperature compensation of deformation and strain measurements.

The Compensation Temperature sensor features high accuracy and resolution, and total fiber optic design ensuring intrinsic immunity to electric sparks and EMI/RFI. Additionally it combines compact size, high resistance to corrosion and harsh environments with long-term reliability.


    Temperature monitoring for single end applications or serial configuration
    Up to 10 sensors in a chain ( measurable by one channel )
    Zero power, EMI immune, intrinsically safe
    Watertight and ruggedized housing, applicable in harsh environments
    Broad operating temperature range
    Multi-km signal integrity
    High precision and excellent long-term stability
    Fast, simple, repeatable installation 


Contact temperature measurements available for solid, liquid and gaseous environments. Possibility to measure in single or multiple points, sensing networks etc.Suitable for environments with electromagnetic waves, HV applications etc. Used for temperature compensation of strain and deformation measurements on civil engineering structures.
This makes it essential for continuous lifetime health monitoring of bridges, dams, buildings, tunnels, ships,
aircrafts, trains and other complex structures.

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Civil & Geo
  • Composite
  • Telecom
  • R&D


Sensor dimensions  90 mm x 11 mm x 11 mm
Temperature range -20 °C up to +100 °C
Temperature resolution ±0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy ±1 °C

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