EDFA amplifier and fiber laser training kit

EDFA amplifier and fiber laser training kit

The aim of this educational kit is to provide users a complete overview and comprehensive knowledge of a fiber optic field and familiarize them with optical components for telecommunication industry (laser diodes, optical fibers, isolators…). The educational kit proposes characterization and study of features and behavior of these optical components.

The training kit is primarily devoted to characterization of an optical fiber amplifiersuperfluorescent source and optical fiber laser in various types of configuration.

Thanks to wide range of practical experiments the students can make complete investigation of the basics of the optical amplification, by characterizing the EDFA key parameters. The modular approach of the kit allows users to realize also many types of complex experiments.

The training kit can be extended by WDM training kit for study of multichannel mode behavior of EDFA amplifier.


  • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
  • Rack mounted components
  • Eye safe connectors


  • Technical Institutions
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Engineering schools
  • Physics departments

Download files

Educational kit photogallery

EDFA amplifier and fiber laser kit

EDFA amplifier example

Example - Superfluorescent source setup

Linear cavity fiber laser example

Ring fiber laser example

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