Broadband light sources

Broadband light sources

Safibra's SLEDs (Superluminiscent Light Emitting Diodes) are of Light Emitting Diodes (semiconductor light sources that merge the best features LEDs and semiconductor lasers. The SLEDs provide broadband output optical spectrum (quite different againts supercontinuum lasers)and low temporal coherence typical of LEDs, with high output power levels and high spatial coherence typical of semiconductor lasers.

SAFIBRA offers a wide range of standard SLED sources with different wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1600 nm, with different power and bandwidth values according to customer's need.

Particularly the light source could be applied in research field, where experiments under specific conditions are performed. Thanks competitive pricing is also suitable for teaching and learning purposes especially in fiber optics and optoelectronics labs at university institutions.

In addition to standard products, SAFIBRA can also customize optical light sources according customer's needs like dual OFLS-B .


  • Broad range of wavelength: 650 to 1600nm
  • Broadband Optical Emissions: FWHM up to 120nm
  • High Optical Power: up to 30mW (from the fiber)
  • Low Spectral Modulation (Ripple)
  • Short Coherence Lengths (Low Temporal Coherence)
  • High Spatial Coherence
  • External modulation


  • Fiber optic component testing
       Optical channel monitors (DWDM, OCM, and OPM)
       Chromatic & Polarization mode dispersion
       Passive component characterization
  • Fiber optic sensor
       Civil structure monitoring (Bridges, tunnels,…)
       Atomic Force microscopy
       Temperature, strain, pressure, el. power measurement
  • Navigation / Fiber optic gyroscopes
  • Medical imaging
       Optical coherence tomography
       Confocal microscopy
       Endoscopy, Cardiovascular & Gastrointestinal
       Cornea & Retina diagnostics

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  • pdf Datasheet , size: 432.92 kB, last update: 23.02.2021
  • pdf OFLS driver , size: 417.94 kB, last update: 23.02.2021

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Broadband light sources

This month application

This month application

Monitoring of street cabinets or any other premises is an additional possibility to apply fiber optic sensor technology.

Cabinet, entrance & vandalism monitoring



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