Optical Fiber Light Source - Broadband

Broadband diodes to light up your application

The OFLS-B series deploys the standard universal OFLS driving platform for broadband fiber optic light sources. It is based on super luminescent light emitting diodes (SLD or SLED) within different wavelength ranges covering visible (VIS) and near infrared regions (NIR) with different output power and bandwidth coming from single mode optical fiber.

The SLED diodes features make the light source ideal for a very large scale of application ranging from civil engineering, through structural analysis to composite material manufacturing. Particularly, the advantage of their wide bandwidth, high optical power spectral density, low ripple, high polarization extinction ratio and operating wavelengths are mostly demanded in these fields.

  • Spectral range starting from 400 to 1700 nm
  • High output power up to 30+ mW
  • Large bandwidth (3 - 20 nm for VIS, 20 - 160 nm for NIR region)

The light source can be delivered either in standard compact version for handheld operation and easy storage or OEM version for further integration into customer’s systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Low coherence length
  • Optional components for output isolation, depolarization, etc.
  • Deployment of various types of diodes

Fiber output

The device output is characterized by single mode optical fiber, terminated by FC/APC connector. Either standard SMF is used for the 1230-1700 nm range or special small diameter SMF for the 400-1200 nm range.

Spectral ripple

The variation of the spectral power-density exhibits extremely low values even at the highest power levels.

Superior performance

Optical light source exhibits very high stability and performance in various environments and over long periods of time.

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  • Production, telecommunication: fiber optic component testing, CD & PMD measurements
  • Fiber optic sensing: SHM, temperature, strain, static and dynamic measurements
  • Medical imaging: OCT, confocal microscopy, dental and skin tissue examinations
  • Metrology: prototyping, reverse engineering, tool inspection
  • Fiber optic gyroscope: rotation measurement, navigation systems, avionics, aerospace, sea, terrestrial
  • Research and development: novel and undiscovered applications
  • Industry: lightning source, machine vision and imaging systems



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Broadband light sources

This month application

This month application

Monitoring of street cabinets or any other premises is an additional possibility to apply fiber optic sensor technology.

Cabinet, entrance & vandalism monitoring



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