Cabinet Detector

Composite sensor

Remote monitoring of rotational movements and deviations

The Cabinet Detector is a specifically designed detector for permanent monitoring of key premises and critical infrastructure using the state of the art FBG optical approach. Under the highest security requirements, it helps you to detect intrusion and vandalism attempts at monitored places, such as cabinets, doors, entrances, etc., providing you with real-time alerts. This gives you valuable time to take appropriate action to minimize damages to your property and potential profit loss

  • 100% passive detector without the need of power supply
  • Sensitive rotary lever captures even small door and cabinet openings
  • Additional detector types options (manhole detector, strain, temperature, humidity, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Low operating costs
  • Used as a standalone detector or in series as part of a larger sensing network
  • Advanced customization possible

Mounting accessories included

The basic mounting plates are delivered together with the detector for easier installation on the upper or rear side of a structure. Additional accessories upon request.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The detector enables operation even in harsh environments, as the technology is fully passive, explosion safe and immune to electro-magnetic/radio frequency interference.

Slim line

The small footprint of the detector is suitable for internal cabinets with minimal space or outdoor cabinets with high IP protection.

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  • Security: street cabinet, doors, cabinets, entrance security, vandalism security, cybernetic safety & security
  • Communications: telecommunication networks, data transmission
  • Infrastructure: critical infrastructure and hard to reach, explosive, harsh or hazardous areas
  • Defense industry: military/army, navy, air force 
  • SHM: rotational based movements and deviations monitoring


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