Data Processing - analyzing and processing platform

Universal solution for your data analyzing and processing needs

Our Data Processing solution provides a universal real time data analyzing and processing platform. It covers the whole range of data processing-related tasks for Safibra’s sensing and monitoring systems.

  • Web-based user interface
  • Perpetual licence with one year free technical support
  • Real-time data streaming

The Data Processing solution consists of specially developed Signal Processor (SigProc) software, a very powerful tool for acquisition of raw data and consequent data processing, and a powerful workstation called ProcessGuard, which comes with pre-installed SigProc software as default.

Features & Benefits

  • Only one platform
  • Easy 3rd party integration
  • Data processing from any Safibra’s measurement and monitoring systems

Artificial intelligence deployment

Sophisticated algorithms with AI are deployed in some modules of higher level SigProc licenses like advanced fingerprint pattern alarm setting.

Update of license

The license is connected to the HW key. The lower level license can be easily updated to a higher level license just by replacing this HW key.

Configuration & modules

Individual tasks are solved in configurations that consist of 60 predefined modules, which represent computational tasks for processing input data.

Project Requirements

Data processing project requirements

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Licence Versions

The SigProc licenses are divided according to the areas and tasks they are focused on. All licenses are permanent and have no expiration date.

  • Fundamental: Basic modules required for work with signal, allowing to process data from the external sources in a real-time stream. Allows basic Visualization and test modules for the configurations.
  • Fundamental Plus: Extensive work in the frequency domain as well as an intermediate signal processing and thresholding. Enables sending the stream output into the additional software. Includes bonus GUI items.
  • Advanced: Special modules designed for more difficult configuration schemes. All alarm handling modules and Visualization color outputs for observing the status of the signal and alarms. Output to basic database systems, such as PostgreSQL.
  • Expert: Higher mathematical modules, such as the dynamic threshold. Google maps integration or alarm into an image. Real-time output to InfluxDB.
  • Exclusive: Third party integration modules, JSON messages and HTTP requests. Fingerprint pattern-based alarms.



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