Monitoring systems

Fibre optic sensors based on FBG gratings allow to monitor many different physical parameters, especially temperature, strain, deformation, pressure and vibration. Their installation in industrial environment is required anytime when their advantages against conventional sensors are apparent. It is especially immunity to electromagnetic radiation, small dimensions, long lifetime and their passive character. This means that there is no need of electricity  connection in  the measurement point and connection of sensors is provided by standard fibre optic telecommunication cable. What more – sensors can be connected as a chain of measuring points and between points can be distance between several centimeters up to several kilometers.


    • Civil structures: Tunnels, bridges, mines, buildings, dams
    • Transportation: Railways, trains, roadways, specialty vehicles, cranes
    • Energy: Wind turbines, pipelines, nuclear reactors,  solar panel farms, electricity pylons
    • Security: Perimeter intrusion, vehicle detection and classification, manhole monitoring
    • TelecomCabinet & manhole monitoring
    • Aerospace vehiclesAirframescomposite  structures, wind tunnels, dynamic tests
    • Marine vessels: Hull, mast, rudder, deck, cargo containers
    • Medical devices: Probes, catheters

Minimal monitoring project requirements are  reading ( interrogation ) unit, transmission optical fibres and FBG sensors. The full project scale can include all necessary HW and SW equipment for data acquisition, processing, storage and visualization. Additional services like system installation, supervision and launching with support and maintenance can be provided on request.

Setup of FBG interrogation unit with sensors



2019 6. 6.

Exhibition SENSOR + TEST 2019

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