L-bracket strain sensor

L-bracket Strain Sensor

Strain sensor for constant structure behavior monitoring

The Strain Sensor (FBGS-01) is a fiber optic strain long gauge sensor specially designed for long term monitoring of structures behavior. It uses the state of the art optical FBG approach, allowing you the continuous structural health monitoring. This helps you keep the critical infrastructure under constant supervision

  • 100% passive sensor without the need of power supply
  • Structure tension and compression monitoring at the same time
  • Universal platform enabling the use of additional sensor types

The L-bracket strain sensor can be mounted directly on the surface of a structure, which enables the most accurate measurements of strain. It is supplied with two aluminum L-brackets and fasteners which facilitate the mounting on a structure. The strain changes are then measured as elongation, compression or bending of fiber between two fixed points.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower costs on installation and cabling
  • Used as a standalone sensor or in series as part of a larger sensing network
  • Optional accessories like sensor protective cover, customized mounting anchors, connectors etc.

Protected as IP68 rated devices

The IP68 rating guarantees complete dust-tightness and protection against the effects of long periods of immersion in water.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The sensor enables operation even in harsh environments, as the technology is fully passive, explosion safe and immune to electro-magnetic/radio frequency interference.

Leverage existing fiber optic network

The connection between unit and sensors is ensured via standard telecommunication optical fibers (e.g. dark fibers), which is very economical even for a large area of monitored objects.

Project Requirements

L-Bracket Sensor project requirements

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  • Civil engineering structures: bridges, dams, buildings, walls, tunnels, mines, dikes, embankments, roofs, masonry structures, underground utilities, concrete and other complex structures 
  • Industry: heavy structures, ships, vehicles, trains
  • Energy: oil and gas, nuclear power plants, energy structures 
  • R&D: novel and undiscovered applications



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