FBGuard 1550 – Advanced monitoring system

Highly accurate monitoring system for industrial measurements

The FBGuard 1550 is a reliable Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) interrogation and monitoring unit designed for static and dynamic measurements. It monitors different FBG sensors at once, with excellent wavelength precision and accuracy. This offers a cost-effective solution suitable for diverse applications.

  • Advanced customization to meet your project's needs
  • Usage of existing fiber optic network
  • Complex monitoring system (interrogation unit, data storage and basic data processing)

The FBGuard monitoring system comes in two product versions: standard 19’’ rack version and compact Mini version. Both of them are configurable to your needs by selecting single or multi channel version (2, 4, 8 or 16) and the scanning frequency speed (slow or fast).

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multifunctional platform
  • Up to 640 FBGs / 16 channels
  • Scanning up to 11kSa/s
  • Easy system settings
  • Manufactured in-house

Long term field operation

FBGuard is highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments.

Fully autonomous system

Embedded PC and a Linux web server makes FBGuard independent of external devices and control procedures.

Analysis & configuration SW

The monitoring system is supplied with analysis and configuration SW with remote control from any standard PC through the TCP/IP protocol using the Measurement System Configurator (MeSyCo).

SSH & web interface

The configuration of the monitoring system, sensors and alarms, frequency of measurements and self data logging on an integrated SSD are possible by SSH and the web interface.

Project Requirements

FBGuard project requirements

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  • Transportation: WIM, vehicle detection and classification, railways, roads, highways, airports, waterways
  • Civil structures: bridges, mines, dikes, embankments, buildings, dams, roofs, concrete structures, masonry structures, underground utilities, historical monuments
  • Energy: wind turbines, pipelines, nuclear reactors, solar panel farms, electricity pylons, power transformers, power plants, tidal energy structures
  • Industry: airframes, composite structures, wind tunnels, dynamic tests, oil and gas
  • Security: perimeters, manholes, handholes, cabinets, gates, fences, entrances, pipeline shaft covers
  • R&D: novel and undiscovered applications



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