The modern structure of photonic sensors and new innovative principles for intrusion detection systems, integrity and protection of critical infrastructure


The project aims to find a new line and zone protection using modern optical principles and the search for the optical technologies that would allow to provide innovative methods of ensuring significantly greater security of critical infrastructure against the current state while maintaining the affordability of new equipment and systems.

Duration: October 2010 - March 2015

The main project objectives:

  • New types of photonic sensors for intrusion detection of system integrity.
  • Prediction of suspicious behavior in critical infrastructures using advanced mathematical algorithms assessing the data from the perimeter.
  • Research into new structures for the hybrid fiber interferometers suitable for measuring dynamic pressure, force and acoustic signals in perimeter systems.
  • Methodology protection of long-distance optical transmission lines with prediction of attack (third party interference).
  • Methodology security of component parts of telecommunications optical infrastructure.
  • Verification of functional patterns in the practical applications.

Project homepage:

List of partners:
In total 1 private company and 2 universities from Czech Republic

  • Safibra, s.r.o. (the Coordinator)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava



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