Light sources

Light sources to fit any need or price range

SAFIBRA offers a wide range of different light sources with laser or broadband diodes to suit your specific needs. Both types deploy the universal OFLS driving platform which controls operational current and temperature of the used LD or SLD module in order to reach the desired performance. 

This comprehensive line of light sources can be applied in various environements, such as production, communications, medical imaging, metrology, fiber optic sensing or gyroscope, and many others. Thanks to competitive pricing they are also suitable for teaching and learning purposes especially in fiber optics and optoelectronics labs at university institutions or for research and development.

Furthermore, in addition to standard types, SAFIBRA can also customize these optical light sources according to your needs.



2021 4. 4.

Presenting refreshed approach to case studies

We are launching a refreshed microsite, the first in a series of case studies.

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