Mode-locked fiber laser training kit

Mode-locked fiber laser training kit

The aim of this educational kit is to provide users a complete overview and comprehensive knowledge of a fiber optic field and familiarize them with passive modelocking. The two configurations of the system are the Figure Eight Laser and the Unidirectional Ring Laser

The Figure Eight Laser consists of a fiber laser with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror as the gain element and the pulse shortening mechanism. Polarization controllers are included in the loops to select the polarization eigen states and adjust the transmission bias of the NALM.

The Unidirectional Ring Laser uses the nonlinear polarization rotation.

This kit includes all the equipment necessary to the observation and the understanding of short
pulses generation
and especially the polarization effects, dispersion, nonlinearity and modelocking.

Thanks to wide range of practical experiments the students can make complete investigation of the basics of laser mode-locking and pulse generation. The modular approach of the kit allows users to realize also many types of complex experiments.


  • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
  • Rack mounted components
  • Eye safe connectors


  • Technical Institutions
  • Engineering schools
  • Physics departments

Download files

  • pdf Datasheet , size: 297.17 kB, last update: 02.09.2011

Educational kit photogallery

Mode-locked fiber laser training kit

Figure Eight Laser example

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201712. 9.

New distributor announcement

Safibra is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic agreement with the IDIL Fibres Optiques that makes them our distributor for France.

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