Monitoring microphones

Monitoring microphones & accelerometers

Wide range of fiber optic sensors are today’s smart answer for a growing variety of industrial monitoring applications.

Well established as an ideal technology for acquiring measurements in harsh environments, photonic sensors are tolerant to extreme temperatures, EMI, shock and vibration, and resistant to corrosion. Optical fiber-based sensors are also lighter, more accurate and more versatile than conventional instrumentation. Sensors bring versatile monitoring and measurement to industry

The FOMIC optical microphone and FOMIC-NR noise cancelling product lines suit every engineering and environmental requirement, provide advanced performance capabilities, and require little or no maintenance.

The optical microphones are available in various configurations depending on customer's needs and application:

1. FOMIC -  Small lightweight & ruggerized optical microphones series

  • Small size fiber optical microphone for remote indoor monitoring applications
  • Fiber optical microphone with linear response of up to 140 dB
  • Small, Lightweight Fiber optical microphone with extended frequency response range
  • Fiber optical microphone with extended temperature range
  • Stereo fiber optical microphones with extended frequency range
  • Fiber optical microphone for high SNR, long range applications
  • Fiber optical microphone designed for extremely demanding applications
  • Ultra low noise, limited bandwidth omni-directional optical microphone for Photoacoustics spectroscopy
  • Fiber optical microphone for immersion in water to 15m Waterproof
  • Fiber optical contact microphone for structure-borne sound
  • Fiber optical 3D sound intensity and energy density probe

    2. FOMIC-NR - Noise canceling microphones series
  • Pressure gradient optical microphone with Figure 8 configuration
  • Pressure gradient optical microphone with Cardioid configuration
  • Pressure gradient optical microphone with Figure 8 configuration
  • Highly directional optical microphone system with adaptive noise reduction


  • Industrial applications - acceleration, vibration, pressure and noise level, and spectroscopy measurements, EMI/EMC Laboratories, Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemical, Nuclear, Mining, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Railway
  • Power utilities - Measuring acceleration, vibration, pressure and noise levels in all types of power generating equipment, Fossil Fuel, Hydroelectric, Wind, Nuclear, Geothermal
  • Oil and gas - Oil and gas pipelines, Oil rigs and exploration platforms, Deepwater exploration sites, 'Intelligent wells'

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Small size fiber optical microphone for remote indoor monitoring applications

Ruggerized optical microphones series

Pressure gradient optical microphone with Cardioid configuration

Dual-axis optical accelerometer

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201712. 9.

New distributor announcement

Safibra is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic agreement with the IDIL Fibres Optiques that makes them our distributor for France.

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