Optical microphones for MRI and fMRI applications

Optical microphones for MRI and fMRI applications

Optical microphone is among the most exciting developments in recent years for medical resonance imaging environments, solving one of the most challenging MRI problems – hearing the patient.

MRI operations produce acoustic noise levels as great as 130 dB, as well as very high electromagnetic and radio frequency noise. These noises are not just discomforting to the patient, they render standard microphones useless for simple patient communications.

The line of FOMRI advanced noise cancelling optical microphones can be used in combination with any noise reduction headset to enable simple, crystal-clear verbal communications once again between the patient and MRI staff, and between MRI operators.

In fact, clear communications improve patient comfort dramatically, making it possible to get more accurate MRI scans with much less effort.

MRI solutions are sold globally to MRI and fMRI institutions with high customer satisfaction and retention. These application ca be covered by:

  • FOMIC-MRI-1 - single channel Fiber Optic Microphone system for MRI
  • FOMIC-MRI-2 - dual channel Fiber Optic Microphone system for MRI and  fMRI

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FOMIC system during the MRI scan

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