Multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors

Multichannel calibration laser source

The light from the laser source is uniformly distributed into a 196 fiber array (matrix 14x14 fibers), which then leads to calibrated detectors, the external modulation allows the generation of light from short pulses (nano-seconds) to continuous operation.

The power in the individual optical fibers is a tenth of a microwatt (with 50mW laser sourse, originally designed for synchronous calibration of the detectors block for Cherenkov’s radiation detection).

Beam splitter
The launch of light into the output fibers (up to 196) is carried out through an optical beam splitter. The output splitter consists of special optics for adjusting the input beam of optical fibers in a 14x14 matrix
Optics for uniform distribution of optical radiation are selected to achieve a maximum of 20% difference in the amount of light between min. 90% of the output fibers as minimal. Typically the achieved parameters are even better. The optic is designed to produce a non-Gaussian shape of the radiation intensity profile to provide a uniform excitation of the fibers.

The optical beam splitter also includes a removable optic holder to accommodate attenuation filters or other circular shaped optics with a diameter of 1 “. The holder is accessible after removing the top cover.

Each output fiber of the bundle is provided with a fiber position indication in the bundle to uniquely identify the location when more precise calibration is desired. The radiation source has a protection circuit against overvoltage, reverse supply voltage and static electricity. The protection circuits have an adjustable limit according to the installed laser diode.

All the parameters can be customized based on customer request.


  • Uniform light distribution of light
  • High number of channels
  • Fiber optic approach
  • Removable filter holder
  • Various wavelengths available
  • Flexible external modulation capability
  • Outputs are mutually synchronous


  • Calibration light source for detectors
  • Multi-channel light source
  • Multi-channel detector timing diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Laboratory measurement
  • R&D

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Multi-channel laser source



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