Optical Fiber Light Source - Multichannel

Fully custom made light to fit your needs

The multichannel optical fiber source, OFLS-MULTI, is a completely custom-made laser source tailored to customer’s needs. It ensures uniform light distribution over the output fiber matrix, which can count up to several hundreds of optical fiber outputs.

  • Uniform distribution of fibers
  • Special optical beam splitter - fiber bundle
  • Fibers organized in a matrix of square shape and size (14x14).

We are ready to help our customers when they are unable to find suitable ready-made solutions on the market. The OFLS-MULTI is a fully custom-made light source. Its parameters can be fitted to any customer’s applications and needs. Inspire yourself by our unique product and let us know what you are looking for.

Features & Benefits

  • Various wavelengths and output power available
  • Protection circuit against overvoltage, reverse supply voltage and static electricity
  • Power variation less than 0,8 dB

Removable optic holder

Optical distribution body includes a removable optic holder to accommodate attenuation filters or any 1“ optics. The holder is accessible after removing the top cover.

Pulsed operation

The source is operated in pulse modulation mode with excitation by electrical impulses from an external source. Continuous operation is also possible.

Output position

Each output fiber is numbered. Each number indicates a unique fiber position for easy identification of fiber location within a fiber bundle.

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