26.10.2021 10:39

New functions and improvements of the FBGuard 1550 monitoring system

As part of the constant innovation of our services, our premium product, the FBGuard 1550 monitoring system, has also undergone a significant upgrade. It brings several new functions and improvements, such as new graphs working with real-time data, improved streaming or the "Data Viewer".

New graphs displaying real-time data

The new version of the FBGuard 1550 brings improvements to the “Sensor value live graph”, “Spectrum live graph” and “Sensor data archive live graph”. All three now allow to display the measured values, archive data and optical spectrum of sensors in real time. They also offer new functions for displaying these graphs, such as zoom, saving of images, displaying  two sensors in one graph, etc.).

Improved streaming

Another novelty is the automatic or adjustable timing of data streaming, which makes sending the data to a remote server or SigProc even easier. At the same time, also the streaming stability has been improved and new options added: security of data transmission (using the encryption to increase cyber security, eg. when monitoring critical infrastructure) and remote transmission of optical sensor spectra.

Data Viewer

The FBGuard 1550 system now offers the "Data Viewer" function, which enables faster display of data stored on the client PC. This is possible not only without the need to install any third-party software but also when working offline.

Many other improvements and changes

In addition to particular technological improvements, we also placed special emphasis on greater user comfort when working with the device and intuitive operation with different help tooltips for more comfortable control of the MeSyCo interface.

Are you interested in the FBGuard 1550 new features?

Do you want to see a detailed overview of all new features and changes or update your device right away? Download the product’s latest changelog located below. If you need to download new software to upgrade your unit, please contact your sales representative.



202225. 4.

Invitation to SENSOR+TEST 2022

Let us invite you to visit us at the international SENSOR+TEST 2022 exhibition, which will take place from 10 to 12 May 2022 in Nuremberg.

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