04.04.2021 09:00

Presenting refreshed approach to case studies

As a part of the new visual identity process we are also re-launching our microsite, which, apart from having a brand new look, is also a fresh newcomer from the series of case studies showcasing the projects we have completed for our clients.

Manufacturing and providing progressive fiber optic sensing solutions takes a lot of work, knowledge and collaboration. Over the years, we’ve completed many interesting projects for our customers, scientific institutions, universities and research institutes internationally. These collaborations created new value for our clients across the broad spectrum of industries.

To provide you with a closer look at the solutions we develop and the impact they have, we are releasing a series of case studies. The first such case study takes a close look at the process of finding out whether the more than 30 years old ceiling beams used in construction could hold up one floor extension.

The microsite is available at www.monitoringkonstrukci.cz. Take a minute to explore it and offer your feedback.



2021 8.12.

All prices on the rise, SAFIBRA offers discounts

In cooperation with the UPRtek company, we providing a 10% discount for all UPRtek spectrometers.

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