18.04.2017 12:48

Prestigious aviation fair AERO Friedrichshafen

At the prestigious Aviation AERO Friedrichshafen trade fair was presented (Advanced Flying Laboratory), Phoenix Air U-15 AFL, based on all carbon composite aircraft, equipped with integral sensor systems and a new generation of optoelectronic measuring unit FBGuard.

Flying Lab is unique in using integrated optical fiber Bragg grating sensors in the structure parts and glued joints. In more than a hundred points are measured deformation of the airframe, as measured flight parameters such as speed, altitude, engine speed, load factors, control surface.

Flying Lab is a collaboration of companies and Phoenix Air, Safibra with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague and was established with the financial support of TA CR.

Advanced Flying Laboratory

FBGuard  - measurement system

Advanced Flying Laboratory

Advanced Flying Laboratory

Advanced Flying Laboratory



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We are expanding the portfolio of monitoring systems

As part of the continuous development of our services, we are expanding our product portfolio with two monitoring systems: VideoGuard and ObjectGuard.

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