15.11.2021 14:42

Try the virtual demos of FBGuard and SigProc systems

We are pleased to introduce our last two customer care innovations. We bring you virtual demos of our two products: the FBGuard monitoring system with the configuration software called the "Measurement System Configurator" and the Signal Processor software (SigProc) designed for data acquisition and their subsequent processing.

Both demos contain artificially generated sample sensors, signals, and the necessary data that you can work with. Thanks to this you will simply try out how to set up the measuring system and sensors, start streaming of the measured data (e.g., into the SigProc software) and other interesting functions. You will also certainly appreciate the interconnection of both demo versions, enabling a reliable and complex simulation of the entire measurement process in real time.

FBGuard demo

SigProc demo


What are the benefits of the demos?

New customers could try out all FBGuard and SigProc features and consider their prospective contribution to open projects. Another benefit is the opportunity to get to know the configuration environment before purchasing the product. This will allow you to be ready to start using the purchased unit as soon as it arrives.

Moreover, existing customers will now have the chance to check the product improvements before upgrading their unit. Another undeniable advantage is also simpler and faster training and easier consultation of system settings in case of configuration issues.

Is the access to the demo versions provided for free?

Yes! Our aim is to provide our customers with full support not only when deciding the products purchase, but also when they prefer to get familiar with the configuration environment. Both demo versions are therefore free of charge and no further obligations are attached to them.

How do I get the necessary access details?

If you would like to try our sample demo products FBGuard and SigProcplease get in touch with us via our contact form. Afterwards, our representative will contact you and provide you with unique access details generated for your testing purposes.

What else are we working on?

The imaginary icing on the cake will be the upcoming demo of the Graflux visualization service which is designed for simple presentation, storage, and data analyzing. Thanks to this, we will be able to easily demonstrate the entire chain of offered functions: from measurement through data processing to their subsequent visualization.



202225. 4.

Invitation to SENSOR+TEST 2022

Let us invite you to visit us at the international SENSOR+TEST 2022 exhibition, which will take place from 10 to 12 May 2022 in Nuremberg.

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