Highly accurate vertical movement measurement

ObjectGuard is a free space light barrier system based on fiber optics which provides a highly precise measurement of vertical object movement. An optical head mounted on a fixed point emits a laser light which is returned by a retroreflector mounted on the surface of an object. Based on the intensity of the reflected light a sophisticated algorithm calculates the change of vertical position with respect to the fixed point.

  • Powered over the standard single mode optical fiber
  • Energy harvesting by converting optical power to electrical energy
  • Complex monitoring system (interrogation unit, optical head, retroreflector, data storage & processing)

This monitoring system comes in three product versions depending on the acceptable object distance and corresponding range of the vertical movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied with analysis and configuration SW
  • Usage of existing fiber optic network
  • Independent of external devices and control procedures
  • Advanced customization available
  • Manufactured in-house

Long term field operation

ObjectGuard is highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments. This makes it especially suitable for a long term field operation.

Real-time monitoring 24/7

The unit monitors any issues that may arise in real time, alerting you immediately if necessary. Furthermore, it enables you to work with collected data right away. 

Passive optical head

The optical head is powered over the optical fiber without any need of power supply. Therefore it easily monitors places without electricity and hazardous or hard to reach areas.

Long distances

Optical head at the place of monitoring can be located up to 10 km from the interrogation unit. The interconnection is done using an existing optical network over standard telecom fibers.

SSH & web interface

The configuration of the system, sensors and alarms, frequency of measurements and self data logging on an integrated SSD are possible by SSH and the web interface.  

Project Requirements

ObjectGuard project requirements

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  • Transportation: transportation infrastructure rails, road bridges, embankments
  • Civil structures: geotechnical structures, buildings, walls, landfills, concrete structures, masonry structures, underground utilities, historical monuments
  • R&D: novel and undiscovered applications



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