Optical microphones

Optical mircophones are sensors measuring the changes in light intensity reflected from an ultra sensitive silicon membrane. Light emitted by an LED is beamed via an optical path onto a special reflective membrane. Sound waves hitting the membrane cause it to vibrate, Optical microphone principlethereby changing the characteristics of the light reflection. The reflected light is transmitted through an optical path back onto a photo detector. With simple electronic processing, the light is then transformed into an audio signal representing clear, true-to-source sound.

By increasing the LED light intensity both sensitivity and microphone S/N ratios are improved, thus the optical microphone signal quality may be enhanced and customized without limitations due to membrane size or electrostatic forces.


  • EMI/RFI immune
  • Can work in humid conditions and permanent use.
  • Tolerant to moisture and temperature
  • Small dimensions
  • Enables listening through concrete walls, doors and windows without the need to be inside the place
  • Listening through false (plaster) walls
  • Cannot be detected by electromagnetic means


  • Ideal for special teams, police in case of hostages, antidrug activity
  • Monitor audio in closed rooms or places where there is no access to install
  • Remote monitoring in hazardous environments
  • Clear communications between the patient and the staff, even during MRI scan



2019 6. 6.

Exhibition SENSOR + TEST 2019

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