• ColorLite GmbH

Spectrofotometers for color measurements

  • Logo Diener Electronic

    Diener electronic GmbH + Co. KG

Plasmy systems for cleaning, activation, etching and surface coating

  • FiberLabs Inc.

xDFA optical fiber amplifiers, CWDM amplifiers and fluoride optical fibers

  • Fiber SenSys

Distributed optical fiber sensors for intrusion detection, perimetric systems and security systems

  • I.D.I.L. Fibres Optiques

Educational kits of fiber optics and optoelectronics

  • Keopsys

Optical fiber amplifiers and lasers

  • LeukosLeukos

Supercontinuum lasers, optical filters and accessories

  • Neoptix

Optical fiber temperature sensors

  • Ocean Insight

Miniature spectrometers and analytical systems, light sources and accessories

  • Optoacoustics

Optical microphones, accelerometers, vibration measurement, MRI and fMRI microphone systems and SPL measurement

  • Precitec Optronik

Optical fiber sensors for material features measurement (surface roughness, thickness)

  • QPS Photronics

Monitoring FBG sensor systems

  • SemilabSemilab

Ellipsometers AFM and devices for photoviltaics and semiconductor industry

  • Smartec

Distributed optical fibers strain sensors for civil engineering

  • Standa

Optomechanical and optical components and accessories, optical tables,...

Viso SystemsVisioSystems

Devices for measurement of light sources and lamps parameters



2021 8.12.

All prices on the rise, SAFIBRA offers discounts

In cooperation with the UPRtek company, we providing a 10% discount for all UPRtek spectrometers.

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