Fiber optic telecommunication training kit

Fiber optic telecommunication training kit

The aim of this educational kit is to provide users a complete overview and comprehensive knowledge of a fiber optic field and familiarize them with basic priciples of fiber optic transmission in telecommunication. The  educational kit proposes characterization and study of features  and behavior of various kind of optical components used in telecom indusry like FP laser sources, couplers, photodetectors, optical fibers, isolators and many more.

The educational Telecommunication kit series includes all the optic and electronic equipment necessary in order to explore the theoretical and experimental basis of the fiber optic data transmission. The full product line is composed of :

  • source module
  • fiber optic module
  • passive components module
  • detector module

This educational kit can be extended by Audio/Video kit for audio and video fiber transmission. It allows the study of the principle of analogical and numeric signal transmission, wavelength multiplexing, pulse width modulation (PWM),…

It is composed by the following features:

  • emission module.
  • reception module.
  • set of patch cords.
  • movie camera with an embedded microphone
  • pair of loudspeakers

Thanks to wide range of practical experiments the students can make complete investigation of the basics of components in various setups. The modular approach of the kit allows users to realize also many types of complex experiments.


  • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
  • Rack mounted components
  • Eye safe connectors


  • Technical Institutions
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Engineering schools
  • Physics departments

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Educational kit photogallery

Fiber optic telecommunication training kit

Fiber optic telecommunication training kit

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