Revolutionary camera fully operated over optical fiber

VideoGuard is a unique camera system designed for remote operation with all functions ensured only via single mode optical fiber. This camera system is fully powered over fiber without need of power supply or batteries in place of monitoring. Also the data transmission and camera settings control is done over the same optical fiber. Another benefit is that only one standard-telecom fiber is needed for bidirectional communication and powering to ensure its continuous operation.

  • Powered over the standard single mode optical fiber
  • Energy harvesting by converting optical power to electrical energy
  • Remotely controlled camera settings

This camera system comes in two product versions depending on the number of communication optical fibers. Either single bidirectional or two unidirectional transmission connection versions are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied with configuration software
  • Manufactured in-house
  • Independent of external devices and control procedures

Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

The widely spread real time streaming protocol is used to stream video over TCP/IP network.

IP camera

The VideoGuard acts as an IP camera and thus it can be easily integrated into an existing CCTV infrastructure.

Long distances

Camera head at the place of monitoring can be located up to 20 km from the interrogation unit. The interconnection is done using an existing optical network. 

Project Requirements

VideoGuard project requirements

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  • Civil structures: places with installed SHM systems for event classification and visual verification
  • R&D: novel and undiscovered applications
  • Security: places without electricity or hard to reach areas 



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